The Gabbinate serves the Kedma community's religious needs. Members coordinate minyanim and keep things running smoothly in order to ensure a positive religious experience for the Orthodox community at UMD.
As a sophomore electrical engineering major originating from the 203, Ari Israel has had gabbai written all over him since his Stamford Teen Minyan days. Despite his lack of Orayta roots, his favorite lecha Dodi tune is kah ribon and he occasionally even says (part of) pitom haketoret on Shabbos day.
Daniella Bloch, a sophomore Public Health Science major, is continuing the unique path of Berman to Nishmat to Maryland.  
Although she is the shortest member of the gabbinate, she has no problem updating the (little known) whiteboard weekly with minyan times. Known as the quietest gabbait in Kedma history, Daniella loves shouting out page numbers, making announcements, and ensuring every voice in the community is heard.
Gabbai Sheni, Scott Sandor, is an obvious Lev HaTorah alumnus who hails from the heilegeh city of New York. Of Yekkish descent, he is the only tallis-donner on the gabbinate, enabling him to spread his warmth to the community members, who happily agree to his request to daven. Majoring in chemistry, he sure knows how to attract the perfect lainers for every Torah reading day.


7612 Mowatt Ln, College Park, MD 20740, USA

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