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The Gabbinate serves the Kedma community's religious needs. Members coordinate minyanim and keep things running smoothly in order to ensure a positive religious experience for the Orthodox community at UMD.

The Gabbai, Ryan Sweren, is a sophomore Business major on the Pre-dental track and one of just fifty-two Orayta alumni at UMD. A Baltimore, Maryland native and avid baseball fan, Ryan davens everyday for an Orioles World Series victory within his lifetime. On the Gabbinate, he is excited to continue his lifelong passion of asking people to lain on Shabbos. By the way, if you’re interested in laining this Shabbos, feel free to PM him.

The Gabbait, Gavi Krimsky, is a sophomore Kinesiology major and proud Lindenbaum alum. Originally hailing from Sharon, MA, Gavi now permanently resides at P.O. Box 143. She can usually be found limping to minyan or making yet another sign up genius. Gavi plans to pursue a career in physical therapy but for now she enjoys saying Tefilla L’Shalom HaMedina together with the whole congregation, specifically after announcing the page number.

Tani Levisohn, the Gabbai Sheini, spends much of his time reminiscing about when he was Gabbai Rishon for the Hillel Tent minyan for first week of the semester. Tani is a economics and computer science major, but he promises he has a personality. Besides his frequent and regular conversations with his fellow freshmen, he exclusively communicates with the community through Tuesday/Friday announcements and texting people to lein. Tani may not be gabbai forever, but he currently holds the Kedma record for most consecutive weeks doing Gelila, a feat that will surely last the test of time.