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Learning Opportunities

Centered around our well-stocked Beit Midrash, Kedma has tons of formal and informal learning opportunities.

Note that the ones listed below are in addition to all the learning opportunities provided by JLIC, Hillel, Chabad, Meor, and other organizations.


Enjoy student led chaburot every Tuesday night with sponsored pizza!

Other Learning Opportunities

The UMD Beit Midrash is always popping! There are various learning opportunities throughout the week- try them out and see what you like!

Scholars in Residence

We are proud to host multiple scholars in residence each semester, both from Israel and from America.


We love our JLIC couple, Rav Josh and Rikki Lehman! Learn more about them here.


Tuesday-night Torah (TNT) is a beloved learning event where we gather for free pizza and a selection of student-led chaburot on topics of their choice. Talk to the Education Chair if you'd like to give one, and pay attention to Facebook/WhatsApp announcements for timing!

Click here for the TNT Archive! 


Orthodox Jewish Community at University of Maryland

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