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As per Kedma Confession #981, Yoni Albert has assumed control of the Gabbinate due to their failure to submit a new picture for the website.

Yoni's qualifications date way back to the KMS Sunday morning teen minyan, where he effectively coordinated a minyan whose participants surely had chronic sleep-in-itis before Yoni got to them.

He then rose to assume Gabbai Rishon responsibilities at KMS's Shabbos morning teen minyan, as well as in the morning minyan at Berman. His illustrious talents carried him all the way to the Yeshivat Shaarei Mevaseret Zion Gabbinate.

Since then, Yoni's kept his skills current by trying to clap for Yaaleh V'Yavo before the official Gabbai could have the chance. He looks forward overthrowing the Kedma board in the near future.